It’s more than just copiers for MTBT and Ohio-based non-profit Alvis

Alvis Case Study

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Alvis is a nonprofit human services agency with nearly 50 years of experience providing highly effective reentry treatment programs for individuals who have spent time in the criminal justice system. The organization also serves people with intellectual or developmental disabilities that face difficult challenges as they seek to live an independent life.

Alvis serves nearly 8,000 men, women, young adults and children in Ohio each year.

It staffs over 40 separate locations in five Ohio cities.


The typical client served by Alvis is transitioning out of the criminal justice system or has a developmental or intellectual disability. In most cases, paperwork and case files follow these individuals into their relationship with Alvis.

A reliable fleet of office equipment and a solid document management strategy is critical to delivering a high level of service to all of Alvis’ stakeholders.

In 2015, MT Business Technologies (MTBT) was tasked with evaluating the Alvis fleet and making sure the correct devices were deployed across 46 offices in Toledo, Columbus, Lima, Dayton, and Chillicothe.

The Team

Ryan Kremchek, an MTBT Account Manager, took the lead for his company and worked closely with Shanda McJunkins and Arlene Reitter of Alvis. McJunkins is the Controller for Alvis and Reitter is the organization’s Director of Development and Communications.

Evaluation of the existing fleet

The project began with an extensive evaluation of organization-wide printer placement and usage. Alvis prints much of its marketing in-house, so the ability to produce high quality color alongside high volume black and white was important - but only for some locations.

“Our goal from the beginning was to make sure we had the right devices with the necessary capabilities in the correct locations,” McJunkins noted.

Kremchek agrees. “Matching up a customer’s need with the right machine is one of the things we do best. It takes more effort to do things this way, but it leads to far better outcomes for everyone involved.”

A smooth upgrade process

Handled poorly, the office equipment upgrade process can be frustrating. A marginal machine that is running is better than a shiny new one that is down for a week. Kremchek and the MTBT service techs developed a clear plan that delivered a smooth, pain-free upgrade process that created very little downtime.

“Ryan called and spoke to the manager at each location to make sure they were aware of exactly how the upgrade would happen and when,” McJunkins said. “Early on we had a few issues with a printer driver, but the service department from MTBT worked with those users right away and solved them quickly.”

Balancing price and customer service

No organization can afford to throw away money, but that is especially critical in the non-profit space. McJunkins took her responsibility seriously and did plenty of due diligence.

“We absolutely evaluated other companies before choosing MTBT.”

But like most MTBT customers, price was not the sole determining factor. The company’s commitment to customer service and partnership was an important factor in Alvis’ decision.

“We have been a customer of MTBT for over 20 years and there’s a reason for that. They are very well-priced, and they combine that with a true commitment to helping serve their customers’ best interest. Contract negotiations are fair and respect the needs of both businesses.”

More than just an office equipment vendor

Alvis’ mission to help people turn their lives around is arguably inspiring and daunting at the same time. No one knows that better than Reitter, who is in charge of development for the organization.

“MTBT is more than a vendor or even a supporter of Alvis. They are a partner. Employees from MTBT have served on organizing committee’s for our largest fundraiser, and they are always looking for creative new ways to be involved in advancing our mission.”