Ashland University works with MT Business Technologies to deploy Papercut

Ashland University: Papercut Case Study


Ashland University is a nationally accredited, private, non-profit university located a short distance from Akron, Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. The university serves more than 6,000 students across all its departments and disciplines.


An extensive collaboration between MT Business Technologies (MTBT) and Ashland University had led to some very significant outcomes, including an 80 percent reduction in dedicated fax lines and a dramatic consolidation of printing resources.

Ashland equipped itself for an efficient and smooth printing operation, but there was still a challenge to be met.

The Users.

With hundreds of students utilizing campus printers, Ashland University needed a robust product to manage, track, and report on print usage campus-wide.

Additionally, the university faced a systemic obstacle wherein users were unable to print to managed printers from their personal devices. This speed bump in an otherwise streamlined system needed to be solved.

The Team

Bob Matney, Ashland University's Executive Director of Information Technology, headed up an effort to confront these problems. Collaborating with Matney were Mark Usher, Director of Infrastructure and Security, and Ashland’s long-time MTBT Account Manager Craig Iceman.


Matney’s team already had print quota software and policies in place, but PaperCut allowed them to go to the next level. The software-based print monitoring solution delivers deep insight into who is printing, when, how, and most importantly, how much. It also allows users to print to any authorized device from their laptop, tablet, or phone.

“We wanted to smooth the road for our students to use of our managed devices, and Papercut allowed us to do that. Now they can print seamlessly and avoid the old roadblocks that used to be in place.”, Matney said.