PaperCut solution streamlines printing, cuts costs for Bowling Green City Schools


Bowling Green City Schools operates a high school, middle school and three elementary schools in Bowling Green, Ohio. Preschool through high school students benefit from training according to the Ohio Department of Education Standards. Special education and gifted services are offered, along with Advanced Placement and honors courses. Students choose from a wide array of activities including athletics, band and clubs.


Teachers and staff members have extensive printing needs to meet the demands of daily lessons. Previously, the district utilized Canon devices provided by another business technology company across its five schools and three administrative offices.

After five years, the workload was more than the devices could handle and frequent jams occurred. Personnel experienced frustration with printing because documents would go missing. They would end up in the wrong pile - or worse, the recycling bin.

These issues compounded as duplicate print jobs landed in the queue and created a cycle of excess printing. A print management system was needed to better track the cost and quantity of each job.

“Our former devices only offered an expensive and clunky print management option,” District Technology Coordinator Beth Krolak said.

Another issue arose around privacy. Sensitive documents would release and sit on the output tray for extended periods of time. The district wanted to ensure that unauthorized individuals did not have access to confidential documents left on the printer.


Bowling Green City Schools asked for bids from business technology providers. MT Business Technologies Sales Manager Jake Bell and his team presented a cost effective strategy. The MTBT team walked through each location in the district to assess needs along with the district’s technology department.

MTBT determined the district would benefit from 53 Ricoh print/copy devices across its eight locations. To solve the printing management issue, MTBT proposed PaperCut software. The solution allows teachers, staff and students to print jobs from any computer terminal in the district to a specified device. Print jobs remain in the device’s queue until users authenticate themselves by swiping their school ID badge.

“They listened to what we were asking for, and filled in the details on how to make it work,” Krolak said.

Implementation went smoothly as well. MTBT carefully worked with Krolak and Network Administrator Jeff Taylor for five months to formulate a plan. The MTBT team installed the Ricoh devices, integrated the PaperCut software and configured the devices for the district’s network.

MTBT provided training for all personnel and ensured they were comfortable using the technology.


The devices worked seamlessly upon installation. Since the devices were installed three years ago, Bowling Green City Schools has enjoyed a reduction in lost print jobs and an ultimate cost savings.

Krolak creates custom reports that inform staff members of their individual printing costs. The software also calculates the overall printing cost per student in each building. Teachers, staff members and students who abuse printing privileges receive warnings and/or restrictions.

“We know that we are saving cases of paper daily because no print jobs are left at the printers/copiers anymore,” Krolak said. Since users must authenticate with their ID card, classified documents are not susceptible to public viewing.

“They have grown very comfortable with the technology through the training and support we provide,” Bell said.

Bowling Green City Schools is considering an additional document management solution with MTBT.

“When we're ready, I know MTBT can support us,” Krolak said.