Boys & Girls Clubs of Toledo reduce fax lines, gain latest color printing technology


The Boys & Girls Clubs of Toledo empower children to succeed by providing safe places to learn and grow. Children meet with caring adult professionals, grow in character and participate in life-enhancing programs. Boys and girls are empowered to reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens. Four facilities exist in Toledo to impact children in the areas of academic success, citizenship and healthy lifestyles.


MT Business Technologies has provided innovative solutions to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Toledo for nine years. The Homer Hanham Club, which houses the main administrative offices, leased a Ricoh C3002 device. While, a leased Ricoh C2051 serviced the Carson Family Club.

The North Toledo Club and East Toledo Club each owned an antiquated device that would soon become unserviceable. The organization paid for a fax line at each location.

The clubs experienced problems due to each facility using a different Ricoh machine. “It was difficult for us to have a training on the use of devices,” Director of Administrative Services Stan Lewandowski said.

Because the service contracts were expired, staff members were managing daily operations with imperfect copies. In addition, only the administrative office device could print color copies. Personnel who reported to one of outlying locations would often travel across the city to use the color printer/copier.

At the beginning of 2016, MTBT Account Manager Eric Trautman assessed the technology needs and discovered that all four facilities used one network. The administrative offices used two-way faxing, while the three other locations utilized outbound faxing only.


Trautman and his team recommended an innovative, cost-effective solution. Under a new contract, the main location upgraded to a Ricoh C3003, while the additional locations use Ricoh C2003 machines.

“The technology people from MTBT worked well with us,” Lewandowski said.  

A Ricoh Fax Connector enables each club to remotely utilize the fax line at the main location. The Ricoh devices incorporate intuitive technology allowing users to fax by simply entering a phone number and scanning a document. The document travels through the network to the main device with the fax module. Then, the module dials the number and transmits the fax.

This strategy includes an improvement from paper to electronic faxing, and each location has color printing capabilities.


It took MTBT less than one month to assess, install and train on the new Ricoh devices.

“By spending just a few more dollars per month with MTBT, they eliminated the costs associated with three additional fax lines,” Trautman said.

Lewandowski said staff members enjoy using the latest technology. The toner comes automatically, and MTBT provides excellent service when a machine needs to be repaired.

The clubs can even print small batches of program materials in color - which saves time and the cost of sending jobs to an outside printing company.

“For a nonprofit, every penny counts,” Trautman said.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Toledo have just entered a new five-year contract with MTBT. “They have always satisfied all of our requests, and service is prompt and efficient,” Lewandowski said.

Our salespeople think outside the box and try to bring solutions to the table that other companies with less tenure may not have the technology or the know-how to do,” Trautman said.