MT Business Technologies delivers efficiency for client IGS Energy

IGS Energy Case Study

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IGS Energy ( is a consumer-focused energy company that provides “transparency, simplicity, and ease to energy pricing, products, and services through the competitive marketplace.”, according to the company web site. The company is headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, employs over 700, and maintains 21 satellite offices in Ohio and thoughout the Great Lakes region.
When IGS became a customer of MT Business Technologies ( in 2014, they were using the services of two separate printer / copier companies. IGS had dozens of desktop printers, copiers, and multi-function devices deployed throughout their network, many of which were poorly utilized, unreliable, or coming to the end of their life. The management of devices (and the service invoices that came with them) was cumbersome and time-consuming.

On the printer side, toner and ink was ordered on an as-needed basis by remote offices. There was no consumables plan in place to manage usage or streamline receiving.

The Team

Todd Boone, an MTBT Account Manager, teamed up with Vanessa Bell, an MTBT managed print specialist, to diagnose the problems and present a solution to IGS Desktop Support Manager, Chris Eder.

Evaluation of the existing fleet

The project began with an extensive audit of organization-wide printer placement and usage. Software was installed on the IGS network to observe printer usage across all users and devices. The evaluation typically lasts between 30-45 days, said Boone. “We observe as much as we can about device load and user behavior so we can develop a comprehensive cost-per-click (CPC) for the customer.”

In the meantime, Bell went to work on a managed supply program to deliver consumables when they when and where they were needed.

A balanced solution focused on customer needs that delivered results right away
“Customers are often willing to simply purchase the equivalent to what they have at that time, which we resist doing.”, said Boone. “The audit gives us the data to right-size the equipment, help them understand how to become more efficient and often save money, even if they are upgrading their fleet.”

In the case of IGS, the solution was a combination of phased in replacements for end-of-life equipment, a unified service program, and a managed supply program set up by the MTBT managed print services team.

“Vanessa Bell was a great help.”, said Eder. “She was very thorough and always answers her phone or responds to voicemails right away.”

IGS immediately noticed a difference once service was unified under the MTBT umbrella. Invoices are now streamlined and much easier to manage, service calls are handled quickly, and supplies arrive right when they need them.

“We are saving some money with MTBT, but the overall experience is more important. The level of urgency within their service department is very impressive, and the auto-shipment of toner immediately simplified that whole process.”

98% of the HP printers at IGS are now in the managed print services program set up by MTBT.