Waterford Bank Case Study


The Waterford Bank is a privately held bank in Toledo, Ohio. The community bank has more than $550 million in assets, boasts robust growth particularly in commercial business loans and has served consumers in the community for the past eight years. The bank works to provide leading industry knowledge and services to help its clients obtain financial success.


With aggressive growth and expansion, Waterford Bank needed a technology partner that could meet its immediate challenges and continue to solve problems as the business developed. The bank also added 28,000 square feet to its 10,000 square-foot facility. With the additional facilities also came additional hiring. And with the additional people, came office technology challenges.

“We had aspirations to grow the bank significantly,” said CEO Michael Miller. “We needed a partner who could do that with us.”

He found that partner in MT Business Technologies, the nation’s top independent Ricoh dealer.

One of the immediate challenges was faxing. Waterford’s employees needed to send faxes from multiple devices on its network, but the bank wanted to avoid the complexity and expense of additional lines and numbers to manage.


The team at MTBT analyzed Waterford’s needs and unique challenges, and found a solution almost immediately.

“Ricoh’s Fax Connection service had just been released,” MTBT account manager Eric Trautman said. “It was a perfect fit for their environment.”

MTBT was able to install just one fax line and provide Waterford with six additional devices. Via Ricoh’s Fax Connection solution, Waterford employees can utilize walk-up outbound faxing through one simple line. Thanks to MTBT’s timely research, Waterford was the first business in America to utilize Ricoh’s Fax Connection system.

Without this service, the bank would have had to install fax modules on each of its devices. Or worse,  the bank would have simply had to use one fax machine - a potentially frustrating and time consuming option considering the bank has 68 employees.

After all was said and done, Fax Connection provided a one-time savings of $550 per device by eliminating additional fax modules, and continues to save valuable time and money through it’s simplicity and efficiency.


The Waterford Bank has continued to grow while enjoying a successful six-year relationship with MTBT. Through it all, MTBT’s emphasis on customer service has been a key part of that partnership.

“Being an advocate for my customers makes them want to do business with me. I need to add value to myself in order to keep satisfied customers,” Trautman said.

During one of his regular review meetings with Waterford management, Trautman found further opportunity to help the company.

MTBT boosted efficiency for Waterford’s home and satellite offices in Bryan and Perrysburg, Ohio by setting them up with a managed print services contract. Managed print services helps clients closely monitor how devices are being used across their network and delivers the most efficient, least costly solution for printer maintenance and management of printer supplies.

“I think MT Business Technologies has a very good culture for service and delivery,” Miller said. “Any time there has been a problem it has been addressed immediately and resolved quickly. Whether it’s a problem we create or not, and regardless of its nature, it gets resolved.”